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What does an FLMI look like?

What does an FLMI look like?

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As an Ed Rep, you’ve helped countless learners develop their potential by guiding them through LOMA’s industry education programs, including the FLMI program. Did you ever wonder what the “typical” FLMI designee looks like? Or where they’ve gone in their careers since earning the FLMI?* We recently surveyed folks who earned the designation since 1980 to get a better picture.

According to the 2017 FLMI Demographic Profile Survey results, the typical FLMI designee enjoys enhanced credibility, as well as greater confidence and effectiveness on the job. FLMIs tend to stand out when advancement opportunities call. And, perhaps most important, almost all recommend pursuing the FLMI designation to others.

* If you'd like a few more sprinkles of anecdote to go on top of those statistics, try FLMI Stories.

Posted by LOMA Admin at 08/01/2017 04:09:08 PM