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Survey results, plus an invite to 'Follow the Money'

Survey results, plus an invite to 'Follow the Money'

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Thanks for participating in our first-ever Sound Off survey! Your answers to questions about how you get the information you need help us provide the services you expect from LOMA.

Here’s what you had to say:

How do you like to reach out to us?

Your favorite way (85%) is via email, along with phone calls to our Contact Center.

Where do you go for info about LOMA education?

The LOMA website is in the lead (85%), followed by the LOMA Education & Training Catalog.

What did you think of our Contact Center?

You gave our Contact Center staff high marks across the board for their knowledge, professionalism, accuracy, and response time, as well as for their written communications and promotional materials.

How are most Ed Reps enrolling students?

Most of you prefer to enroll students directly in LOMA’s Learning System — it’s easy to use, accurate, and flexible, and you like the reports and tutorials that are available. We hope you’ll also try the batch enrollment tool in Ed Rep Tools — it's a real time saver, especially if you’re enrolling multiple students in the same course.

Next Survey: Follow the Money!

Ready for another Sound Off survey? This month, we're asking how your company handles paying for LOMA courses and materials.

Posted by LOMA Marketing2 at 04/25/2017 01:27:16 PM