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New study materials for LOMA 307

New study materials for LOMA 307

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A new edition of LOMA 307 — Business and Financial Concepts for Insurance Professionals launched on January 2, 2018.

Students who enrolled in this course before January 2 will continue to have access to the previous edition of the course materials, while enrollments purchased after the release date will be based on the newly-revised materials.

LOMA’s learning system will deliver the correct version of the course’s exam as determined by the student’s enrollment.

Because students have a rolling six-month course access period, multiple students enrolled in the same course may be studying from different course materials, depending upon their enrollment date.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they study from the correct materials. All enrolled students are granted access to the correct materials for their enrollment via LOMA’s learning system as part of their enrollment.

Students or Ed Reps who purchase an optional printed copy of a textbook or use a library copy of a textbook should first verify which version of the text they need for their particular enrollment. LOMA will not reimburse fees for students who study from incorrect assignments.

Posted by LOMA Admin at 01/02/2018 06:17:52 PM