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New short online courses on fraud; course selection updating for 2018

New short online courses on fraud; course selection updating for 2018

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Effective January 1, 2018, LOMA will offer three new short online courses — all addressing the threat of insurance fraud — from the North American Training Group (NATG):

Annuities & Fraud

This two-hour course provides understanding of annuities and the different annuity products sold by insurance agents. Fraud and misrepresentation can occur in the sale of these products. Both intentional and unintentional misrepresentation can constitute fraud — this course examines the range of potential fraudulent acts and provides red flags to assist in identifying them.

Viatical Fraud 101

Terminally ill policyholders’ need for quick cash often results in the sale of their insurance policies to individuals or companies that pay only a percentage of the policy’s face amount. This can be a breeding ground for viatical fraud, which has grown with the industry, and spawned remedial settlement options such as accelerated death benefits, among others. This three-hour course provides a comprehensive description of the situations that invite and facilitate this fraud, as well as how to identify and possibly circumvent them in the interest of protecting policyholders.

Catastrophes & Fraud

This course describes how catastrophes affect insurance companies, as well as the types of catastrophes that are most costly to the insurance companies — including the impact of fraud. How insurance companies, as well as the government, are reducing catastrophe losses is a primary focus of this three-hour course.


To reduce redundancy among our array of short online courses, we will eliminate several at the end of 2017. You can always find the latest information about all our short online offerings by logging in to LOMA's learning system.


Have you seen the new, flat pricing for short courses in 2018?

Posted by LOMA Admin at 12/22/2017 07:27:08 PM