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New course: SRI 500 is here!

New course: SRI 500 is here!

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SRI 500 — Transforming Retirement Security, the capstone course of our Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute™ (FSRI™) designation program, will open for enrollments on Monday, April 10! There's plenty of anticipation about SRI 500, and you should expect questions from students eager to enroll.

Key Points for Ed Reps

For SRI 500, students must successfully complete three required sections:

  • Step 1: An online course component
  • Step 2: A PDF text with a proctored I*STAR examination
  • Step 3: A graded application assignment

This is a unique, never-before-seen structure for a LOMA course, so we want to let you know in advance what to expect.


When enrolling a learner for SRI 500, you must choose an I*STAR center (or Prometric Testing Center) where they will take their Step 2 proctored exam. If you’re not sure how to do this, we can help. Call 1-800-ASK-LOMA and select Option 1 to speak to one of our business agents.

Taking the Course

Learners access all three required steps by launching the course in the Upcoming Learning section of their LOMA learning record.

Step 1

Step 1 is an interactive online experience with an integrated knowledge check.

Step 2

The Step 2 text PDF includes links to interactive Learning Aids and Expert View videos. For best results, we recommend that learners download the text PDF (either the complete text PDF, or each Module PDF) in order to launch those Learning Aids / Expert View videos without losing their place in the text PDF. Learning Aids and Expert View videos can also be launched from inside the SRI 500 Course Portal, in the Step 2 section.

Remind learners to schedule their Step 2 proctored I*STAR exams according to your company’s policies or Prometric guidelines. The exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions, and learners have 2 hours to complete the exam.

Step 3

The Step 3 assignments challenge learners to apply what they’ve learned throughout the FSRI program and to demonstrate their mastery of the topics using their own words. This makes the course a bit more challenging, but as the capstone course in this program, it's an important milestone. Learners may be intimidated by this step — encourage them to review all of the assignment options and choose the two that they feel most comfortable with. We’ve given them lots of guidance…now it's their turn to shine!


Learners will receive grade report emails when they complete their Step 2 I*STAR exam. When their Step 3 Assignments have been graded, they'll receive another letting them know of their pass/fail status on that step. However, the learner’s transcript will only show the overall course status once all three steps have been completed.

Learn More

Have more questions about this course? Contact us at, or call 1-800-ASK-LOMA (Option 1) or 770-984-3761.

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