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New: LOMA Study on the Go app for iOS and Android

New: LOMA Study on the Go app for iOS and Android

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Do you have students enrolled in LOMA 335—Operational Excellence in Financial Services? Are you enrolled in it? Then we want to make sure you know about the latest feature for our Course Portal courses, which we're piloting with LOMA 335—LOMA Study on the Go.

LOMA Study on the Go is a mobile app for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. It bundles together all the test preparation guide features available in the Course Portal so learners can, on the go. We're trying it out first with LOMA 335, and we'd like to know what you, as an Ed Rep, think, and whether you're hearing good things about it from people in your company.

With LOMA Study on the Go, students can:

  • Access the practice questions for each chapter
  • Take the sample exam
  • Get immediate feedback and explanations on answer choices
  • See right away how you score on the sample exam
  • Review questions after completing the sample exam

Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store — follow our links, or search for “LOMA Study.”

Students will need their Login ID and password for LOMA’s learning system ( to log in—and remember, for now, only students who are enrolled in LOMA 335 will be able to use the app.

Posted by LOMA Admin at 03/28/2017 03:33:21 PM