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Email reminders for online designation courses

Email reminders for online designation courses

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We’re all busy. It’s easy to forget a doctor’s appointment, a budget meeting...or a LOMA course that is reeling toward its expiration date. As an Ed Rep, you want to encourage your students to succeed, but who has time to keep track of their progress in a course?

We can help! Effective immediately, students enrolled in a LOMA online designation course will receive a reminder email one month prior to the course’s expiration date. Students who recently completed an online designation course may also receive these notifications but, if so, can disregard them.

FYI — Students enrolled in LOMA’s proctored designation courses already receive similar reminder emails as they approach their course expiration dates.

We hope these reminder emails help your students meet their learning goals and save your company money by reducing the number of course extensions and re-enrollments necessary.

Any questions? Please contact LOMA’s Office of the Registrar at

Posted by LOMA Admin at 10/06/2017 06:13:43 PM