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Announcing the new Ed Rep Contact blog

Announcing the new Ed Rep Contact blog

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Ed Rep Contact, the quarterly newsletter, is now Ed Rep Contact, the blog.

The new Contact will still bring you the pricing, policy changes, and course updates you need. It'll still tell you what's happening in the world of LOMA education before it happens, so you can guide your students toward success, and let you know how other Ed Reps are dealing with the same challenges you face.

Now, though, instead of posting one large PDF every three months, we'll be bringing you the same information in timelier, bite-size chunks. What will that mean for you?

  • Faster publication—we can post the news when it is news, right when you need it.
  • Shorter articles, but with more links to additional resources on the topic.
  • Mobile-friendly for reading on small screens.
  • Individual posts, so it's easier for Ed Reps to find the information that's relevant to their own situation, and easier to share just that one item with someone else.
Your Turn!

We want to make the new Contact the best resource it can be, but we need your help. Please, drop us a line. Tell us what you want to see in future blog posts. And check back often to see what’s new for you on the Ed Rep Contact Blog!

Posted by LOMA Admin at 03/28/2017 03:33:21 PM