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The LOMA Glossary

The LOMA Glossary is an essential tool for understanding principles and communicating accurately with professionals in the financial services industry — and it is available to you online as a benefit of LOMA membership!

The LOMA Glossary is a compilation of definitions from various LOMA texts; however, it is not an assigned text for any LOMA course. Sometimes a definition in The LOMA Glossary will differ somewhat from the definition in a LOMA text because of the nuances of the subject matter in the text. A learner taking an exam always should rely on the definition in the assigned text rather than the one in The LOMA Glossary.

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As an industry leader, LOMA continually gathers new industry terminology and revises existing definitions as the industry changes. We welcome your suggestions to help make LOMA’s Glossary an even more comprehensive and useful reference. Please send your suggestions and comments to