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Accessing Short Online Courses

LOMA is in the process of improving our technology to make sure we continue to be able to offer contemporary, relevant professional development programs.

We're starting by moving our short online courses from the LOMALearn website into a new, more dynamic learning environment. However, there will more than one place to go to to access short online courses during the transition.

So, to answer questions you may have and help point you in the right direction, we have created some criteria and short-cuts for you to follow.

Need to get to a short online course you're currently enrolled in?

Enrolled before May 1

If you are currently enrolled in a short online course, and you enrolled for the course before May 1, 2015, you'll continue to access it via LOMALearn.

Enrolled after May 1

If you enrolled in a short online course after May 1, 2015, you'll need to access it via the new online learning system.


Want to enroll in a new course or create an account in the new learning system?

If you had an account on LOMALearn

Your LOMALearn login ID is also your ID on the new system, but you'll need to update your password when you log in.

If you didn't have an account on LOMALearn

You'll need to create an account for the new system.


Just want to know more?

Learn more about the new system