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What is I*STAR?

I*STAR® is LOMA's Internet-based system for providing computerized exams. It was created to give employees the flexibility to take LOMA's proctored exams within their company year round. All of the exams based on LOMA's traditional-access and course-portal designation courses are available on I*STAR in Bahasa, Chinese, English, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. (Exams for highly interactive online courses and short online courses are integrated into the courses themselves, and are also available year-round.)

I*STAR Benefits

What are the benefits of I*STAR for students?

  • Year-Round Availability
    Students can take their exams throughout the year, as they're ready for them, rather than waiting for the semi-annual adminstrations of paper examinations.
  • Faster Exam Results
    Exam results are provided immediately—they're shown on screen as soon as the exam is completed.

What are the benefits of I*STAR for companies?

  • Cost Savings
    The cost of an I*STAR exam is much cheaper than the cost of paper exam.
  • Ease of Use
    Installing I*STAR is quick and easy. Simply fill in the I*STAR certification form, download the system from a secured link and you're on your absolutely no cost to your company!
  • Flexibility
    It's adaptable: Choose to install I*STAR on a single computer or on as many computers as you wish to meet your company's needs.
  • Year-Round Availability
    I*STAR computerized exams are available year-round, allowing employees to take as many exams as allowed by your company.
  • Faster Results
    By taking LOMA exams, your employees get the training and development they need to improve their business acumen—which helps your company prosper.

What are the benefits of I*STAR for Ed Reps?

  • Online Individual Enrollment
    The option of allowing students to enroll themselves online for paper and electronic exams can save the Ed Rep from having to enter enrollment and demographic data for individual students.
  • Online Bulk Enrollment
    Ed Reps may enroll multiple students quickly and easily through LOMA's learning system.
  • Computerized Exams Year-Round
    Through the I*STAR examination delivery system, you can administer online exams to your students throughout the year, rather than waiting for the semi-annual administrations of paper examinations.

Technical FAQs

What are the hardware and software requirements for I*STAR?

To use I*STAR, you will need:

  • A personal computer
  • An Internet connection
  • Windows 7 32-bit Operating systems (The ISTAR client has run successfully for many of our customers with Windows 7 & 10 64-bit systems. Please contact LOMA to set up a test beforehand to see if you’re able to use it in your environment.)
  • Internet Explorer (must be 7.0 or higher)
  • Standard SVGA monitor
  • 100MB or more of unused hard disk space

We recommend:

  • At least 200MHz Pentium PC with 64MB or more RAM
  • 17" monitor or larger