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I*STAR Exams

I*STAR (Individually Scheduled Test and Results) is LOMA's Internet-based system for providing computerized exams. I*STAR testing is available to students at companies that have installed this testing system. Advantages of I*STAR include the convenience and flexibility of year-round testing, as well as immediate online grade reporting.

Enrolling for the I*STAR Exam

Before taking an I*STAR exam, you must be enrolled for the exam or the bundled course through LOMANET. When you enroll for either a bundled course that includes an I*STAR exam or an I*STAR exam for a non-bundled course, you must select the testing period during which you will sit for your exam. Testing periods are: January–March, April–June, July–September, and October–December.

If you are an independent student, you'll need to take your exam at a LOMA Third Party Exam Center if there is one in your area or designate a proctor — someone at your company who's in a supervisory position to you.

Enrollments, Fees, Cancellations and Testing

  • „I*STAR enrollments can be cancelled within three business days of enrollment.
  • „If you do not sit for your exam before the end of the selected testing period, your enrollment expires and all exam fees are forfeited unless you purchase a fee transfer.
  • „Fees are nontransferable between paper and I*STAR exams unless you purchase a fee transfer.
  • „Your LOMANET ID and password will be required at the time of your I*STAR exam.
  • „Specific I*STAR procedures and room conditions are outlined for proctors in the I*STAR Certification Form.

If during the enrollment process you enroll for the wrong course or exam or type of exam by mistake, you must contact LOMA within 72 hours of your enrollment to have the error corrected at no charge.

Fee Transfers

If you are unable to take your I*STAR or Prometric exam by the end of the exam period or your paper exam on the scheduled exam date, or you wish to switch from paper to I*STAR or I*STAR to paper, you may purchase a fee transfer. Fee transfers may be purchased via LOMANET through the “Check Enrollment Status” function. If your exam period has expired and your score is a “DN” (did-not-sit), you may purchase a fee transfer from the “Course History” page in LOMANET. If you are unable to access LOMANET, you may request a form from LOMA’s Office of the Registrar or download the form below.

Fee transfer guidelines
  • For paper exams, fee transfers must be purchased within seven months from the date the exam was scheduled to be taken.
  • For I*STAR exams, fee transfers must be purchased within seven months from the end of the quarter for which the learner was enrolled.
  • Re-enrollment for the next exam period is not automatic when you purchase the fee transfer.
  • Make sure you enroll for the course before your fee transfer expires. The fee transfer's expiration date will be listed on your Course History page in LOMANET.
  • You must enroll for the same course for which you purchased the fee transfer.

Exam Procedures and Regulations

The following procedures apply to the administration of paper, I*STAR, and Prometric examinations:

  • All paper exams must be taken according to LOMA's Paper Exam Schedule.
  • Plan to arrive at the exam site 30 minutes before your exam begins. You may be required to furnish photo ID when taking an exam. If you arrive after the scheduled starting time for your paper exam, the exam may not be accepted by LOMA for grading.
  • The "Official Exam/Proctor Instructions" mailed along with examinations to all paper exam proctors must be followed.
  • Learners may not consult, discuss, review, or in any way use anyone else's answers or accept unauthorized assistance during the examination. Please note that LOMA uses specially designed software to detect possible cheating on LOMA exams.
  • During the exam, learners may not have in their possession any outside materials including, but not limited to: notes, textbooks, tables, charts, graphs, cell phones, pagers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), or digital media players, e.g. iPods.
  • Only calculators bearing the official LOMA logo are permitted in the exam room. The official LOMA calculator is sold through PBD Worldwide [PBD Order # CALC-01].
  • Additional procedures, regulations and information are posted in the Professional Development and Ed Rep sections of the LOMA Web site.
  • Paper exam booklets must be returned to the proctors after the exam. The booklets will not be returned to students.