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Exam Grades

Online Interactive Courses

LOMA’s online interactive courses include a series of short non-proctored exams, which are integrated with the course materials and do not require a separate exam enrollment.

Courses delivered in the online interactive format include:

  • „„ACS 101
  • „„SRI 111
  • „„SRI 121
  • „„SRI 131
  • „„LOMA 281
  • „„LOMA 291
  • „„LOMA 321
  • „„AIRC 411
  • „„AIRC 421

Successful completion of these courses requires a 70 percent score on all course tests; however, course credit for online interactive courses is recorded in LOMANET as a P (pass). If you do not successfully complete all course exams during your six month course access period, your score will be recorded as a DN (did-not-sit). You may review your grades for these courses under “Course History” in your LOMANET record.

All Courses Except Online Interactive Courses

View your grades in “Course History” in your LOMANET record.

Proctored exams provide a numerical score for students with a passing score. The passing grade for all exams is 70 percent. Scores below 70 are listed only as F+ (within 10 points of passing) or F. If you do not take an exam by the end of the exam period for which you are enrolled, you score will be DN (did-not-sit).

Online Interactive Courses only show a Pass for completions or a DN for incomplete courses.

Grades for Exams Taken at Prometric Testing Centers

Prometric will provide you with an unofficial grade report. Your official grade will be e-mailed to you within a day or two if you have selected the e-mail delivery option in LOMANET. You may also log onto LOMANET and view your official score under “Course History.” In Course History, you can also generate a chapter-by-chapter “Performance Report” indicating how well you did on each chapter of the assigned reading materials for the course.