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Program Updates

New Courses

Designation Course Launches
CourseFormatLaunch Date
SRI 210Successful Retirement OutcomesHighly-interactive online course
Integrated exam
Available now
SRI 220Retirement Marketing and Business AcquisitionHighly-interactive online course
Integrated exam
Available now
LOMA 302The Policy Lifecycle: Insurance AdministrationHighly-interactive online course
Integrated exam
Available now
SRI 230Retirement Administration and the Customer ExperienceHighly-interactive online course
Integrated exam
Early 2016

Course and Program Retirements

As the development and launch of courses in the Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute™ (FSRI™) designation program continues over the next two years, so will courses in the FFSI and AAPA programs be retired (although some courses that are featured in other LOMA designations will remain available).

LOMA 286Principles of Financial Services and ProductsRetired December 31, 2014
LOMA 305Personal Financial PlanningRetired December 31, 2014
LOMA 311Business Law for Financial Services ProfessionalsContinuesBeing used in other LOMA programs
LOMA 326Financial Services MarketingRetiringAvailable through December 31, 2015
LOMA 335Operational Excellence in Financial ServicesContinuesBeing used in other LOMA programs
LOMA 357Institutional InvestingContinuesBeing used in other LOMA programs
LOMA 380Financial Services and Products for OrganizationsRetiringAvailable through December 31, 2015
3 PACsProfessional Achievement Credits
(earned via other providers and LOMA programs)
PAC applications will be accepted through December 31, 2015. However, LOMA is no longer evaluating any new PACs. See the list of approved PACs.
AAPA Program
AAPA 273Annuity Principles and ProductsRetired December 31, 2014
AAPA 283Marketing, Distribution, and Uses of AnnuitiesRetiringAvailable through December 31, 2015
AAPA 303Annuity Systems and AdministrationRetiringAvailable through December 31, 2015
AAPA 313Financial Aspects of AnnuitiesRetiringAvailable through December 31, 2015
AAPA 323Regulation and Taxation of AnnuitiesRetiringAvailable through December 31, 2015