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Course Portals

Enrolling in Course Portal Courses

Enrolling for courses delivered through Course Portals is easy.

  1. Login to LOMANET. (If you're not already registered in LOMANET, find out about the system and get started here.)
  2. Select the course and your exam type (I*STAR, Prometric, or paper) and desired exam period.
  3. Complete any additional steps concerning payment, etc.
  4. Once your enrollment is completed, click on “My Learning” in the selection menu. “My Learning” displays the course for which you’ve enrolled if your course provides access to online resources and study materials.
  5. Click on the course title, which launches your Course Portal in a new window.

You will have access to the Course Portal through the exam period selected during the enrollment process. If you do not sit for your exam by the end of the exam period, you will need to purchase a fee transfer to change your exam period to a future period. If you are taking your exam at a Prometric Center, please see the Prometric Exams section of the Help Center for full instructions on selecting an exam date and the process for purchasing fee transfers.

About Bundled Study Materials

Some courses ("bundled courses") include study materials with your enrollment. A growing list of English-language courses include access to bundled study materials.

For some of these courses, once you enroll, you gain access to the study materials through your My Learning page in LOMANET. These include the Course Portal courses and the Need 2 Know courses.

Ordering printed study materials

For the United States and Canada, you can order study materials for designation courses through PBD by using the form and information below:


PBD Worldwide
P.O. Box 930108
Atlanta, Georgia 31193-0108
Tel: 1-800-887-3723 or 770-280-4178
Fax: 770-280-4150

Additional textbook order forms

Forms include applicable mailing and contact information


Note: Most of the courses require a textbook and a Test Preparation Guide (TPG). Be sure to order all assigned materials as listed in the Education and Training Catalog. Students are responsible for ordering the correct study materials.