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Understanding Life Insurance Company Financial Statements

Understanding Life Insurance Company Financial Statements

October 6, 2014
PwC Tower, Toronto, Ontario
This course provides the foundations needed to interpret financial statements, identify the key indicators relevant to analyzing performance and understand the risks that impact a life insurance company's financial results.

Who Attends

  • Finance/accounting professionals who are new to the life insurance industry
  • Individuals who work in other functional areas that require an understanding of financial data


Upon completing this one-day course, you will:

  • Understand the state of the life insurance industry in Canada and its impact on financial results
  • Know the meaning of industry-specific terminology and the difference between the various life insurance products currently offered in the Canadian market
  • Have the fundamentals to understand life insurance accounting, including timing and recognition of premiums and claims and the life insurance profit model
  • Understand the key areas of risk and related disclosures included in financial statements, ther critical assumptions that impact financial results and the the industry manages those risks
  • Utilize analytical tools and identify key performance indicators that are essential to evaluating a life insurance company's performance


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