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Tips & Tricks

We've compiled the following information, submitted by Ed Reps and LOMA staff, for your use. These Tips & Tricks will help you as you perform you Ed Rep responsibilities…and just may make your job easier too!

"Remaining for Designation" Report

Want to see how many of your employees need just one more course to earn the FLMI? Or how many need two courses to earn the ACS? LOMANET is already set up for you to do just that.

  1. Log into LOMANET.
  2. Click on Ed Rep Reports.
  3. Choose Awards in the first drop-down.
  4. Choose Remain for a Designation in the second drop-down.
  5. Select the Designation you want to review (ACS, AAPA, FLMI, etc).
  6. Choose 1, 2, or 3 for the number of courses left to earn the designation.
  7. Click Get Report.

You will receive a list of the students who are close to earning that designation. From that list, you can send a reminder to those students to give them an extra push to continue with their professional development. It's also a great way to budget for the numbers earning bonuses from designations or attending the Annual Conference the next year. Try it!

Fee Transfers Requested?

As an Ed Rep, you may wonder who purchased Fee Transfers at your company in a given period. You also may want to check to see if there are any students who Did Not Sit for exams and never purchased Fee Transfers. You can easily run reports from LOMANET to view this information.

  1. Log into LOMANET.
  2. Go to Ed Rep Reports.
  3. Choose Enrollments in the first drop down.
  4. Choose Fee Transfer Request or Did Not Sit – No Fee Transfer in the second.
  5. Enter your date range.
  6. Click Get Report.

The Fee Transfer Request report will also show you if students have re-enrolled for another exam. Try it!

Budgeting for Next Year

Some of you may already be in the process of budgeting for next year. LOMA can help you budget by providing pricing information in the 2nd quarter issue of Ed Rep Contact. The final numbers for course fees and study materials are always available in the 3rd quarter issue.

You can also run Enrollment Summary Report directly from LOMANET to see how many enrollments you've had over a period of time.

  1. Log into LOMANET.
  2. Click on Ed Rep Reports.
  3. Choose Enrollment in the first drop-down.
  4. Choose Enrollment Summary in the second drop-down.
  5. Enter your period or periods to review.
  6. Click Get Report.

You will see the number of enrollments in each course, in each program, and by type of exam (Paper, I*STAR, Prometric) for that time period. This report will help you with your budget for the next year!

Pass Rates for Your Company

Want an easy way to view your company's pass rates? Go to Ed Rep Reports in LOMANET, click Grades in the first drop down, then Pass Rates in the second, enter a date range, and click Get Report. You'll see the pass rates for each program, individual courses, and for all LOMA courses!

Interactive CD for Courses with Course Portals

Students and Ed Reps have asked where the CD is for the new course with Course Portals. These courses, like LOMA 307, LOMA 320, and LOMA 361, now have the same interactive questions with answer feedback within the Course Portals. Students can go to My Learning in LOMANET, click on the course link, then click on Exam Prep at the top of the screen. They can choose to work online or download the Interactive Study Aid. They even have the option to print out the PDF of the Test Preparation Guide.

Top Eleven Study Tips

  1. Review the glossary.
  2. Review highlighted sections, especially the "challenging" sections.
  3. Review the summary/comparison figures you marked in the textbook.
  4. Review TPG practice question explanations—Make a list of formulas and key concepts found in the explanations (as a list or on index cards).
  5. Take the practice exam in "test" mode.
  6. Take the practice exam in "feedback" mode—read all explanations & add to your list of formulas & key concepts, if necessary.
  7. Review chapters based on the TPG exam software performance report.
  8. Review any question in the TPG that you marked as difficult.
  9. Pick no more than 10 formulas/concepts and memorize them.
  10. Give yourself a "free pass" on no more than 5 topics.
  11. Review the Top Ten Tough Topics for courses with a Course Portal!

Ten Tips for Learning the Material

  1. Having trouble getting started? Don’t start from page 1. (Check the learning objectives, key terms, and check the TPG practice questions to focus your study).
  2. 1st read: Skim the material without highlighting.
  3. 2nd read: Note challenging sections, bold terms & key concepts (pros/cons, relationships, typical practices).
  4. At the end of the chapter, review the key terms and formulas.
  5. Create note cards or “mind maps” that graphically organize the material.
  6. Don’t skip the figures! Print or note figures that summarize information: lists of formulas, cause-effect diagrams, and comparison tables.
  7. Review Learning Aids and the Top Ten Tough Topics Review on the Course Portal.
  8. Use the interactive practice questions & review the feedback for ALL choices.
  9. For incorrect answers, figure out what changes would make it a correct response, if applicable.
  10. Note practice questions that were difficult for later review.

Ten Tips for Exam Prep

  1. Read the exam-taking tips. (You can find these on the course portal—“Becoming Test Wise”).
  2. Review the textbook glossary and sections you noted as “challenging.”
  3. Review the textbook figures that you marked/printed.
  4. Review TPG practice question explanations—make a list of formulas and/or key concepts found in the explanations (as a list or on index cards).
  5. Review any question in the TPG that you marked as difficult.
  6. Take the practice exam in “test” mode.
  7. Take the practice exam in “feedback” mode—read all explanations. Ask what would make the wrong answers correct, if applicable.
  8. Review chapters based on the exam software performance report.
  9. Pick no more than 10 formulas/concepts and memorize them.
  10. Diminishing returns: Sometimes you have to “pass” on a topic, if you feel you just can’t “get” it, even after asking for help. Remember to keep this list short—no more than 5!

E-mail Reminders Before I*STAR Exams

Students often forget their IDs and passwords that are needed for an I*STAR exam. So, send an e-mail the day before an I*STAR Exam. Remind to bring ID and password. You can also provide a link to Password Request in LOMANET if they have forgotten the ID or password.

iPods in Testing Rooms?

Recently a student asked if she could take her iPod into the I*STAR room during the exam. So, I thought it might be a good time to remind Ed Reps of what is and is not allowed in an exam room.


  • Pencil
  • Blank scratch paper supplied by the proctor. (Cannot be removed from the room by the student.)
  • LOMA Calculator (Must have the LOMA logo.)

Not allowed:

  • Books
  • Paper supplied by the student
  • Cell phones, pagers, digital media players, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) e.g., Palm Pilots, BlackBerrys, etc., phones of any kind

A complete list of the I*STAR rules is located on the second page of the I*STAR Certification Form. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of these testing procedures.