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Promoting LOMA Education

Whether you're helping students choose courses, orienting new employees, or holding an Ed Fair, we have what you need to provide information and encouragement.

You can promote LOMA education within your company in several ways. We have a variety of promotional brochures, flyers, and presentations that are available for your use. These items can be downloaded from the promotional materials page and are also available free of charge from PBD Worldwide.

We also encourage Ed Reps to link the electronic version of the Education and Training Catalog to their company’s Intranet or electronic bulletin-board so employees can easily download complete information.

Another great way to introduce LOMA Education Programs is by sponsoring Education Fairs.

Publicizing Enrollment

The following are suggested methods to publicize enrollment. Please tailor these to complement your company’s unique internal corporate communications network.

  • Publish an article mentioning your company’s incentives and awards for participating in LOMA programs in all company publications and newsletters.
  • Distribute interoffice memos regarding programs and procedures, both via hard copy and email.
  • Display notices and posters on bulletin boards.
  • Download brochures, flyers, or textbook covers and publish them on company Intranet or electronic bulletin board.