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LOMANET is an Internet-based education administration and management system that allows you and your students to access information and enroll for LOMA exams via computer. LOMANET offers you the convenience of carrying out many of your Ed Rep responsibilities online and gives you the option of delegating certain tasks to the students. For more details, see the Ed Rep's version of the LOMANET and I*STAR Users Manual (available from within LOMANET), LOMA's Ed Rep Guidebook, and the Education & Training Catalog.

What Can I Do on LOMANET?

  • Register new students
  • Enroll students—or have students enroll themselves for a paper, Prometric, or I*STAR exam
  • Enter or change student's information—or have students enter or change their information in the LOMANET database
  • Check students' course completion, histories, and progress toward completing various designations
  • Maintain data about your company's secondary locations
  • Print reports from Ed Rep Reports, such as Awards Lists, Enrollment Registers, and Official Grades Reports
  • Complete a number of other administrative tasks
Report TypeReport NameFunction
GradesOfficial Grades ReportLists Pass/Fail/DNs for students
GradesPass RatesLists Pass Rates for each exam
AwardsAwards ListLists awards earned
AwardsCredentials Master ListLists all students who've earned a designation
AwardsRemaining for a DesignationLists students who are a few courses away from a designation
EnrollmentsOfficial Enrollment RegisterLists students currently enrolled for an exam
EnrollmentsEnrollment Summary ReportCompares total enrollments over date ranges
EnrollmentsFee Transfer RequestLists students who've purchased fee transfers
EnrollmentsDid-Not-Sit No Fee TransferLists those with DNs who didn't purchase fee transfers
Exam SitesAll Exam SiteLists all exam sites
Exam SitesCurrent Exam SiteLists all exam sites with current enrollments

To learn more, contact LOMA's Office of the Registrar at 770-984-3761 or

Technical FAQs

What are the hardware and software requirements for LOMANET?

To use LOMANET, you will need:

  • A personal computer
  • An Internet connection
  • Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer (must be 7.0 or higher)
  • Standard SVGA monitor
  • 100MB or more of unused hard disk space

We recommend:

  • At least 200MHz Pentium PC with 64MB or more RAM
  • 17" monitor or larger